"We considered that it was not healthy for us in the neighbourhood of Gibraltar, after the affair of the noblemen - and we buried ourselves in the Sierra de Ronda."
(Don José)

Chapter 3: Carmen by Prosper Mérimée. Translated into English by George Burnham Ives
Molino Del Carmen - Activities

Dine out: In and around Gaucín there is a selection of excellent restaurants offering typical Andalusian fare… In the central square of the town, one can sit and drink Tinto de Verano and watch the village go about its business.

See the sights: Walk up the hill to Castillo del Águila, the Roman fort. Inside you’ll find the Santo Niño hermitage and the old hospital, with only a few ruins remaining of the latter structure, as well as Arabic fortifications. You might also see some of the many varieties of eagle for which the Castle is named.

Alternatively, visit the San Sebastián church in the village which dates back to 1487 or on the outskirts of the village, a Carmelite convent which was built in the eighteenth century over what used to be the Vera Cruz hermitage. Closer to home, the Fuente de los Seis Caños (Fountain of the Six Spouts) built in 1628, is also well worth visiting.

Birdwatch: Gaucín is a major point for migrating birds – and ‘twitchers’ will be able to spot many varieties of raptors, nightingales, partridges, quails, martins, and more.

Visit the Los Alcornocales National Park: This reserve is the largest, oldest and greatest forest in Europe, covering over 168 000 hectares. It is a remnant of the great forest that covered the whole of Spain. Deer, wild boar, Spanish ibex, foxes, wild cats, mongeese, porcupines are to be found in the forest, and much of the flora is unique to the region.

Spend the day on the beach: Sunbathe and swim at the beaches of Sabinillas or Sotogrande- only 30 minutes away. Alternatively, get carried away kite-surfing in Tarifa – only one and a half hours away!

Guided walks and hiking trails: These are offered from the village into the surrounding areas, as well as Mountain Bike trails. Horse riding: There are several riding stables in the village and guided tours of various lengths can be organised by Molino del Carmen if you enjoy seeing the sights on horseback.

Take a day trip to Ronda (40 mins away): The city boasts the oldest bull ring in Spain, and the El Tajo Gorge – a plunging 300-metre ravine which splits the town in two. The ‘Puente Nuevo’ (new bridge), which now spans the ravine, was completed in 1793. Ernest Hemingway lived in Ronda for many years – describing it in ‘Death in the Afternoon’ as “the perfect place”.

Visit Tangiers: It is possible to leave Gaucín at 9 am and be home in the evening. You’ll have spent a day in Africa and experienced a whole new culture and way of life.

Golf: Play on some of Spain’s famous courses – found all the way along the coast.

Wine Tours: Let Molino del Carmen organise a trip to Gaucín’s local vineyard, where you can taste the local (and internationally well-regarded) wines of Gaucín.

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