"I believe that I love you a little bit. But it can't last."
(Carmen to Don José)

Chapter 3: Carmen by Prosper Mérimée. Translated into English by George Burnham Ives
Molino Del Carmen - History

Until 1967, Molino Del Carmen was a fully operational Olive Oil Mill – and had been for more than 100 years. Originally the mill employed mules to provide its power, but after the civil war in 1939, the mill was upgraded to electricity and the mules happily retired… Many of the Mill’s historical features and equipment are still in evidence today, including the original olive press, with its huge grinding stones, the water pump and pressure gauge. Villagers, who were children at the time, still remember being called to clean the Mill’s large mats – they were rewarded with a bowl of olive oil for dipping and a hunk of fresh bread.

In the early 1980’s, the Molino was purchased by an eccentric English artist – Jancis Page – who converted it into an exquisite small hotel – and for many years it provided the only accommodation for visitors to the village.
In 2000 Molino del Carmen was sold to a retired Canadian airline pilot, Darryl Laurin, and his Finnish wife, Marjukka. Having arrived by motorbike in Marbella years before, the couple fell in love with Andalucia, and decided to stay. They created the Molino’s current format of sprawling, luxurious self-catering apartments.

Today, the Molino is owned by British couple Pip and Clinton, who have created a haven of calm for like-minded travellers in this peaceful part of Spain. Under their ownership, the Molino has been modernised and renovated, creating an ambience of quiet, classic comfort – infused with history – that epitomises the accommodation as you will find it today.

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